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Most traditional staffing firms have a tendency of sending as many “resumes” as possible without proper screening. We believe you deserve to receive strong candidates as soon as your search begins. If your firm needs a CFO, Project Manager, Analyst, Regional Sales Manager, Designer or Administrator, our recruiters take the time necessary to find the best people in the field.

Resume Writing

In order to place people in a new career or job, a staffing firm must have the ability to edit, create, or write a resume that produces interviews. Individuals or small firms who just do resume writing are often out of touch with what hiring managers want in a candidate.

Because we are a full service staffing, career counseling, and resume-writing company, we speak to hiring managers every day. That’s now what Resume Writing companies do. They are typically not in touch with hiring managers. We are informed daily of what corporate hiring managers are looking for and we pass that information and advice to you, our customer.

Career Counseling

We coach individuals every day who are wondering “what do I want to do when I grow up?” The benefit of being a full-service firm that works with both candidates and hiring managers is that we have a direct line into the job market as well as the candidate pool. We provide some sort of advice to almost everyone we come in contact with.

open quote Finding the right candidate for you in the time-frame you need them is simply what we do best. close quote
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