Corporate Staffing
Corporate Staffing
Current Openings

Current Openings

Solar Opportunities:

Project Manager- All States

Project Engineer- All States

O &M Director- NC

Contract Furniture Positions:

Title: Project Manager (5 Positions)

Location: NYC, NJ, and DC

Title: Project Coordinator (6 Positions)

Location: NYC and NJ

Title: Sales Assistant (4 positions)

Location: NYC and DC

Title: Designer-AutoCAD (4 Positions)

Location: NYC, NJ, and DC

Title: Director of Sales (manufacturer and dealer)

Location: NYC and DC

Title: Regional VP of Sales

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Title: Regional Sales Role, Healthcare

Location: TX, NC, FL, and GA

Title: Commercial Sales

Location: NYC, DC, and AZ

Title: Accountant

Location: NYC

Title: VP Product Development

Location: Phoenix, AZ

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